SparingVison therapeutic approach is to prevent and or slow down progression of the degeneration of cones, the cells in the retina, mainly in the macula, responsible for central vision, the vision which allows people to read, drive, and recognize faces. This is the first step in evolution of the Retinitis Pigmentosa disease, leading eventually to total death of all the photoreceptors, especially the cones, and then leading to total blindness.

SparingVision’s therapeutic strategy aims to treat the clinical manifestations common to all the genetic forms of retinitis pigmentosa. The approach is therefore independent of causal mutation and applies to advanced stages of the disease and even to cases of autosomal dominant pigmentary retinopathy that fall outside the scope of corrective gene therapies.

This emerging innovative treatment is protected by a full portfolio of new patents. The development strategy is to use  a gene therapy-based approach. The final product is designed to be administered in a single injection with the goal to provide patients with long-lasting efficacy.